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Utricularia humboldtii

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Looking at this, I think I need to let mine dry out for a while...
Wow - very nice! 'Such large leaves. So you grow in an undrained container? How much water do you give it? I've had mine for years and the leaves are tiny in comparison.
I'm curious to your lighting as well.
Very nice! I love seeing humboldtii traps.

How long has that plant been in your vase? I might have to try a bigger 'pot'

A little history on this plant. I got my plant in 2006.
I struggled a long time with this plant. It grew very slowly, stayed small, and just never put out many leaves. I had thought about getting rid of it more then I can count.
I tried many different media combinations over the years and finally in 2012 I found something that worked better. Pure LFS and an undrained pot. It's growth is still not as good as I'd like.
I have 2 portions of U. humboldtii growing in undrained glass pots. Both in pure LFS. The second plant is in a slightly larger container then the pictured plant, maybe 1" wider and 1" deeper.
An observation that I noticed, every pot I have ever had this plant in, it's stolons are always at the bottom of the pot. No stolons grow in the top or middle growing media. My deepest container is only 6" deep.
If I had room to put a large, say no smaller then 6" wide pot, that is a minimum of 1' deep, I'd probably go deeper, I'd like to see what would happen when the plant is given more depth to grow in... Maybe I need to see if I can move some plants around and get a location to try it. My plants have plenty of arieal runners I could place in a pot to start more plants...
One of my plants a few years ago started a flower stalk. I was so excited to get a flower on this plant... One of my cats noticed it also and decide to chew it off. I have never had another flower stalk...
One last thing I've been thinking of trying on one of my plants, maybe I'll start today, is to try some air plant fertilizer on the leaves to see if it helps with the growth of the plant.

Yes, it is undrained container. I always keep the LFS wet. I do sometimes add lots of water to have around a 1/2" of standing water in the pot at times. But most of the time it is just very wet.

It is growing under a table at a south facing sliding glass door. It gets lots of bright indirect light, with some morning and evening direct sunlight.
I suspect that you will see faster growth when you start using fertilizer. Thank you for the details about how you grow your U. humboltii. I just might give that a try.
Yes, many thanks for sharing your experiences! Let us know how the fertilizing goes.

This summer I am going to try some maxsea on a spare one to see if it makes a difference - but it is in a pot I can flush occasionally, which might be more difficult in an undrained container.