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utrics and water wheel plants...

no !

they need differnet "water quality"
Yes you can. I grew them together all year. They do fine so long as they have room for new growth. I think they look really good together. I had them in my bog, I'm going to do it again in the spring. I say go for it. Mine did great. The only problem I had was that they got wiped out by an algea bloom in the late fall. I could have saved them but it happened while I was on vacation.
So have you managed to cultivate them at least one year (a complete growing cycle) together ?

I didn't.
my Utricularia gibba (!!!!) - the weed- died in a tank full of Indian Aldrovanda...

Hmmm Aldrovanda in a bog ?
whats the acidity (PH ?) of the water ?
my Aldrovandas don't like acid water which the Utris prefer.

But if you can cultivate them, than YOU should give the advice. Maybe my cultivation methods are wrong !?

I am currently growing Utricularia radiata and the red Australian form of Aldrovanda vesiculosa in the same 10 gallon tank of peaty water (1 cup peat per 2 gallons of water), with a yeast CO2 reactor, and I have small duckweed (Lemna sp.) floating on the top, as I hear that this can help Aldrovanda survive cultivation. There are also water fleas (Daphnia magna) which I have introduced, most of which appear to be too large for prey, but they seem to be helping with algae control and water clarity, and the smaller ones make good food for the aquatic CPs. The pH in the aquarium is currently 5.8, and the water has a light yellow-green cast. My Aldrovanda are growing, branching, and turning red, and my Utrics have been growing like crazy, and have spread pretty much from one end of the tank to the other. When do I need to divide the Utrics and remove surplus from my tank? Any other tips about my setup?

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