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This is what I am offering

U. tricolor -(2)
U. calycifida 'Gran Sabana' - (0 -all gone)
U. sp-1 - (2)
U. unknown (subulata or laterifloria probably) - (5)
U. sandersonii 'Blue' - (6)
U. sandersonii - (5)
U. praelonga - (4)
U. flaccida - (3)
U. sp-2 - (1) (a livida type)
U. Tricolor w/ a little subulata mixed in - (5)
U. uniflora - (2)
U. welwitichi (sp?) - (3)
U. pubescens - (4)
U. prehensilis - (2)
U. Mrs. Marsh (a calycifida) - (0 -all gone)
U. tridenta - (2) what a flower
U. nephrophylla (0 - all gone)
U. lateriflora - (3)
U. graminifolia - (2)
U. Bisquamata - (3)
U. subulata - (4) (can be a weed)
U. calcyfida "Alba" - (0 -all gone)
U. longifolia - (4)

I prefer trades.  Offer anything not on my growlist and ask for more than it is worth.  These plants are ready to go and will be mailed immediately.  They are generous portions.  If I have a plant with no location on my growlist and you have one with a location, offer it.  The offered trade does not need to be an utric, any cp (or succulent for that matter)will be fine. Pings and utircs would be great.

Here is my growlist.  It is not quite up to date, but it is close.


Freebies will be assessed after trades.  The postage must be paid by Paypal because these plants are ready to go now.  

I will update this list as plants are taken.

Rattler, your box was returned to me (damaged).  I will send another, but see if there is anything here that you would like included.

My growlist is now updated.  The humboldti is not a sure thing, so if someone would be most kind...my birthday is coming up!

Oh, I also have extra Inflata, gibba and aureas.
Thus far, boxes going out to
Jim Scott
Just a pill

If I missed anyone please let me know. If anyone else wants some please request them soon.
There were a few more added. Thanks for playing and thanks for taking my extras.
Pm 'd you.
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This topic is now closed. All portions have been claimed! Copper, if you need anything eddited in here... Let me know.
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