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Utric as ground cover?

I was wondering if there is a Utric that I can grow on the "top soil" in my cp pots. I hate algae and would like to grow something on the surface to cover that up. The cool moss that seems to turn up in every single cp pot is nice, but takes too long to grow. I can't remember which one D'amato mentioned, but he says it becomes a weed, like capensis. Would that work? If not a Utric, what else can I grow on the surface?
The Utric weed is U. subulata but it probably won't make a good ground cover as the leaves ar super small. If I were to recommend one it would be U. tricolor as it has large leaves and grows fast. I must say however that, in my experience, algae will often times grow up and over Utrics in some cases so you might still have to scrape every so often

Also, some plants wont enjoy this companion planting. U. subulata is the weediest and can choke small Drosera as they fill the pot up with thousands of threads. I find that if you mix sand in with your peat mix that moss grows on the surface within 6 months. I only used to get algae/slime when I was using a pure peat mix.
i have U.bisquamata as a ground cover for my D.intermedia 'cuba's. they have medium sized stolons and will spread out withing months. very nice and wont chock plants.
Whatever you do avoid subulata like the plague that it is or your problems will have no end: it infests every pot, and it is pure death to other Utricularia which it out competes.