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Usa exporters

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Does anyone know of reliable sources that will export CPs to the UK. My interests are Sarracenia and VFTs. Thanks.
Have you tried Mike King?  He's right there in the UK and has one of the largest selections of Saracenia I know of.  Also, PJ-Plants is located in Hereford and has several Saracenia and a couple varieties of VFT. There are several other places there in England that you can get these plants and save yourself the hassle and extra expense of CITES permits.
If you want to import into the US you will need all the relevant CITES and photosanitary certificates. Mike King is the man to ask about these matters - visit his website here and send him an email.
Hi all:

How difficult is to export to the U.K from the U.S??

Agustin Franco
Basically you have to find someone who is willing to fill in CITES permits and get the plants phyto checked and simultaneously the person on the UK end has to apply for CITES import permit. The species,addresses and quantities should match and when the CITES authorities issue you with permits you are free to go. When the plants arrive in the UK with the documentation, the plants must be inspected by a plant health inspector and then you can pot up..