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Uprooted and replaced media... and got lucky...


Tropical Fish Enthusiast
My terrarium plants were overrun with pill bugs and worms. I uprooted the plants and tossed the media. I replanted in LFS. Even the B. liniflora didn't react!

Wow, I didn't know pill bugs and worms infested growing media or that Drosera could be grown in LFS. Your Byblis look really nice!
Ya never know where pests can come from....
Makes sense--both are decomposers of organic matter. I have earthworms and millipedes (another feeder on organic matter) in all my Sarracenia and Drosera and have never really noticed a substantial negative impact. They've been in the same media for at least 2 years straight, too.
It's a good idea to toss out old media, from time to time, for a variety of reasons. I was just amazed that when I uprooted the B. liniflora, it didn't die or even go into shock. It should have at least be ticked off enough to stop the development of the flower bud. Today it bloomed. Tomorrow, a picture.

Woah, is that Drosera hartmeyerorum? That's neat! It looks like a cross between Drosera madagascariensis and D. x 'Hybrida'. :) How hard is it to grow? I've never even considered an annual sundew. @.@
That is indeed D. hartmeyerorum. It thrives in a terrarium setting, as does B. liniflora and D. indica.