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Update on the Herbecide/pesticide mixup


well, it's been a few weeks, and the results are setting in...

From my mistaken spraying of herbecide on everything I own outside, instead od pesticide to save my plants from the raveges of caterpillars and aphids...

I am down 2 hibiscus (possibly 3, not looking to hot)
1 Oxollis (red)
and a pepper plant...

All things considered, I got off EASY considering the stupidity of the move...

the aphids and caterpillars survived for a few days, then I went and filled up a spray bottle with an entire bottle of wintergreen alchohol, little distilled water, soap, and superthrive for fun.... and sprayed it judiciously on all my plants, every day for a week... sadly, the caterpillars lived, happily, they are all doing that metamorphisis thing, and some are already flying away as pretty little butterflies (with my passiflora in their bellies (Burn in the seven hells you little grubs&#33
) the aphids, completely and totally devestated... the population in the area, as far as I can tell, has been destroyed completely...

Suprisingly, the Carnivorous plants I was most worried about, are doing grand, I appear to have a successfully pollinated a purpera (there is a swelling pod in the flower) and my lucy, since the occurence, has sent up three young, but elegantly adult pitchers, and more are on the way. none appear the worse for wear.

Also of note, a 2 inch diameter orb weaver spider has moved into my the passiflora that had all the caterpillars in it, and is making a snack out of butterflies on almost a daily basis. Curiously, many of the caterpillars dissapeared shortly after his arrival, and I can not account for enough chrysalis' to justify them metapmorphising.

And for the first time ever, my mardi'gras seems to have had a feast, one pitcher is full of bees...

So, things are Ok I guess!
Glad your CPs survived RamPuppy and I'll keep my fingers crossed for your hibiscus.
ahhh, don't trouble your fingers... one of them is already toast... and the all only cost me a buck... so it's really not a big deal!