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UPDATE on auction: (PsychoSarah $30 ) Cutting of any Nepenthes


I'm growing CPs in the Desert of Tucson, Az
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Jul 12, 2001
Tucson, Arizona USA
Since the auction was closed with me agreeing to attempt the rooting of said cutting for her, I wanted to just give an update if anyone was wondering.
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My N. burbidgeae was quite small, but I agreed to cut it for her since I didn't really have anything else she wanted. The label shows how I agreed to make the cut so we both had leaves so both sides would hopefully be successful.


The lower leaf popped off of the cutting right away, which I didn't expect but guess I should have. The first new leaf popped out of the growth tip quickly but then it sat like this for quite a while.


From here after a while of nothing happening I could see a new leaf growth stuck in the very small leaf so I used some small tools to help it come free and a new leaf popped loose from the growth point and has grown very well making this full size leaf with pitcher forming. I can even see roots on the outer edges of the 3.5" LFS ball.


Due to these great progressions I'm shipping the plant off to the winner today.
So far my plant has not shown any progress in the form of activated node, but I've not lost hope yet, this can take longer than it takes a tip to grow roots and grow.

Enjoy Sarah!