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Unknown plant

This plant came out of nowhere in my D. peltata pot.  Surprising as I have the pot indoors the whole time.  Thanks for any information.

Hmmm... I'm gonna guess some kinda fern. Fern spores can lay dormant for a long time in peat/sphagnum. I would let it go unless it starts taking over.
hmm...you might want to pot is separately, keeping it in conditions similar to its original neighbor--sans the dormancy. Then you can see what it grows into!

Thanks for the comments. I don't think it's nasturtium, but I can see why you suggested it. Oh, the picture has been updated such that it doesn't have that glare anymore.
Not nasturtium for sure. My vote is for geranium although with a plant so small its hard to tell. Anyone have any geraniums in your house?

Will be fun to see what it grows into.

Nope. No geraniums in here. I think geranium leaves are more ruffled, but this plant is quite young. I had the D. peltata since last Dec. It could be some kind of plant which has a dormancy period.
I first though it was nasturtium too, but now I think it's a Geranium like PlantAKiss said. Geraniums come in a wide variety of leaf shapes.

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I get these coming up all the time. I don't know exactly what they are but they look very similar to kennelworth ivy. I rip 'em up and toss 'em out.
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I've got the geraniums that look like the picture on the right. The leaves are a bit fuzzy, and have a sweet smell if you rip or pick them.
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I don't think its agernanium.It looks like aweed that is around my house... I dont think its a geranium because of the two small leaves under the one... Geraniums are massive, even the seedlings and cuttings put out good sized leaves to start with...
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Hi everyone,

I definitely don't think it's a geranium, and I recently checked some geraniums at a nursey. This plant is only about 3 inches tall.

Additionally, here are some more photos.

07-12-02 (Note: the forming green seed pod that look like pea pods)


07-24-02 (Note: the yellow seeds are being released)


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I've got the same plant, I've had it come up in a few places. I've got it growing under a nep, which is easily outgrowing it and hasn't had any [roblems with it. It seems to spread across a pot rather quickly, so it might not be good if you have smaller plants with it, but otherwise it doesn't seem to hurt anything or do much except produce those little seedpods. Of course, I don't have a clue what it is.
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I had a huge whatever it is in my N.Merrilliana pot. It came up out of the long fiber sphag and it just grew and grew so I decided to leave considering my Merrilliana would soon over come it. But eventually it got as big as 4-6 inches tall and was making a big fat seed pod so I didn't want anymore and ripped it out. I will personally let it grow next tiem i get another sprout of one.
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Nepenthes G,

How deep did the roots go? I'm worried that both that mystery plant and the D. capensis will suffocate the D. peltata.


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The roots had a big mass like a large mat but did go about 3 inches deep. So it was a pretty big root ball and area.
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Okay, I'm removing that weed soon. Thanks for the info.
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Well those seed pods are a dead giveaway. It is a bittercress (Cardamine) a member of the cabbage family. They are generally very invasive little blighters, they can grow, flower & seed all year round and the seed pods are explosive and will scatter seed all over the greenhouse.
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Now that I've seen the bigger pics, I think I had a little seedling in one of my capensis pots that I just pulled up today. Even as tiny as it was, it had a long root. Anything that is a weed, get rid of it! They usually reproduce prolifically and cause problems.