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Unknown ping


Got this ping and dont know what it is, the flowers are a pale blue,
If you bought it at one of those large stores and the flowers are pale blue, it's surely primuliflora.
No, the flower is not like that of primuliflora, it was labled as P. Lutea, but this ping doesnt have bright yellow flowers, more of a blueish purple, not P. Primuliflora though,
i say not a P. primuliflora to because primuliflora have different leafs.
The leaves look just like the one I picked up in Lowe's yesterday. Only mine has white flowers on it. I was gonna go with primuliflora, the leaves curl up on the edge. All the label said though was 'Butterwort' (Pinguicula).
If it looks like lutea and has blue flowers then it is likely to be caerulea. There is post below this post that includes a pic of P.caerulea. P.pumila can also produce bluish flowers, but it is often an annual in cultivation. If you are not sure that this plant is warm-temperate, then it could be a temperate species, many of which produce blue flowers.
If the plant looks like this:

And if the flowers look like this:

You probably have P. ionantha. The plant shown in the above photos was purchased at Lowes 3 years ago.


If your plant looks like this:

And if the flowers look like this:

You probably have P. primuliflora. This plant was purchased from lowes in March, 2003. If you see many plantlets growing on the leaves, its most likely P. primuliflora.

P. primuliflora plantlets.
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Nick, the one I have from lowe's has the P. ionantha pics white flower, but it looks like the P. primuliflora and had plantlets forming on the leaves when I got it. Now i'm confused.
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If plantletts are forming on the leaf tips, the confusion is over: this is a characteristic found only in P. primuliflora. The flowers of this species can be variable, but the apomictic reproduction is very definitive.
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Also the flowers are pale if they formed inside those cups which are kept in the dark during shipment and storage. You'll find the next set of flowers will look like the P. primuliflora pictured in this thread.
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Hmm, that's something to look forward to. I hope it puts up another soon. It looked like it had three or four so far. I'd like to see both colors on it at the same time.
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I might be able to clear this up a bit - I got p.primuliflora at Osh (just another gardening store) and it was also simply labeled "Butterwort". It had white flowers at first....stick it in the sun and wait for 2 weeks. It'll turn to its appropriate color if that's what you have.


When I first got the plant.


After 2 weeks and cutting off the plantlets for distribution
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Our local OSH has them also. You wonder how they make a profit at 4.99 or whatever each, since so many die. A lady worker told me that when they die or are very sick they just dump them in the trash and get credit for them from the growers. It's always fun to look for the misidentified stuff.
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LOL, my Osh is near a Toys 'R Us, so the stores make their profit, and the pings go home to die
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Hi again,
Well i am very confused, it looks nothing like my P. Primuliflora, but it has no plantlets. Its also sending up a flower bud, so in a month I will probably be able to figure it out. BTW, it is not a temperate species, it is a highland terrarium cantitdate, i will post some better pics soon, thanks,