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unknown nepenthes

about 5 yrs ago, my mom's friend gave us a plant since they were moving out of the country. im not quite sure what it looked like (we dont have it anymore), but the leaves were shaped like a rafflesiana's and the pitchers were green (not sure if there were any spots or any pattern on them). i think the biggest pitcher was about 2 inches long. anyone know what type it was? cus id like to get the same or similar kind since it was quite hardy and grew at a steady pace. thanks!
Difficult to answer with that amount of info.

Is it neccessary that you have exactly the same plant? Post the conditions that you have at home there - temps, approx. humidity, etc and I'm sure you'll receive MANY suggestions for Nepenthes that will do well for you.

Cheers, Troy.
it was in hong kong and it was near a beach..so it was kinda humid...not sure of the temperatures, but maybe around 75~90.
Humid and 75-90 would be lowland conditions. Are those your current growing conditions now as well?
That already narrows it down, not that it will help much if you're not in Hong Kong any more.

I have been right through most of the plant and flower shops in Hong Kong and the few Nepenthes that I have seen there were hybrids imported from Holland, believe it or not. Hybrids of what I can't say, they are designed to be kill-proof for people that want to buy them cause they look neat but don't really know anything about CP's. A bit like Home Depot and those other stores I keep hearing about I guess.

As Tony has asked above, whatever you get will have to be suitable for where ever you are now. Hong Kong is pretty humid and lowlanders can handle it there without much care. Your current home may not be the same at all.

Cheers, Troy.