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Unexpected night off leads to new pics!

I love getting off work early! Gives me unexpected time to fool around! Here's some pics I took tonight.

First up, N. clipeata this picher was hiding behind the leaf and on the non-window side of the terrarium. It's almost 8 cm high! that's a little Anthurium scandens seedling standing up there by the pitcher.

Here's a nice dangling N. x Trichocarpa also 8 cm high:

The N. campanulata is prospering from the ungodly heatwave we've had (almost 100*F in my area monday). This pitcher is 7 cm high!

It was big enough to get a semi focus on the thin peristome, that's all nectar gooped up on the minute teeth. I had to mess with the contrast so you could sort of see the parts.


And from the highland chamber comes my newest N. aristolochioides pitcher at 5 cm, it's not fully opened/colored yet but should be in a day or so.

Hope you like them!

Anyone else have some new pics?
[b said:
Quote[/b] ]Hope you like them!

Of course we do!

Love the N. aristolochioides. How easy do you find it to grow?

Awesome pics Josh. When you have time could you take a photo of your Highland Chamber for me that would be really great.

Electric Carnivores!
Your N. aristolochioides isn't that small Josh! Only a few sizes smaller than mine.
I love those pics! Would you mind PMing me where you got that particular clipeata? Thanks!
Nice plants\pics as always:) I especialy like the clipeata,Thye aristolochioides looks like a toad!
Thanks folks!
Aaron, the aristo is a "easy" grower if you have all the right highland ingredients (fog, wind, cool temps and bright lighting) but still it's a little slow, that may be due to the fact it's still in the rosette stage. Mine really doesn't like heat at all and last summer wouldn't pitcher in July & August because the night temps were up about 5-10 degrees above the rest of the year depending on outside temp influence.

Lithopsman this N. clipeata is Wistuba's Clone U. It came as a dime sized rosette and has taken about a year to become this 10 cm diameter plant. Hopefully now that the pitchers are feedable it will gain size a bit quicker! Theres a big clipeata climbing a support post at the orchid shop near me and I really dig it!

EC, Here's a recent pic of the busiest area of the highalnd chamber.

It's a bit more overgrown now than this photo from about a month ago. It's hard to get an accurate photo cos the window doesn't cover the whole front of the highland chamber. It's only about 1/2 of the size and placed in the middle, so theres a lot on either end you can't see in the pic. Usually the tank is full of thick swirling fog from the humidifier.
Very nice as always ;>


ps the N. clipeata at OL is really N. clipeata x (clipeata x eymae)
Dang those pics are awesome, I don't know which one I like better, the clipeata or the campanulata!!!! I think I can say I love them both the same.

and Drew you and your highlanders....making him post a picture of the chamber, you should be ashamed of yourself
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It is HOT! I'm not sure my summer solution for my highlands is going to suffice; not if we have a summer of this!

Nice plants. My aristo seems to have more reddish spots than yours, but each pitcher is a little different so far, so it may get darker.
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D, the aristo above isn't even fully colored yet. Those maroon spots and the peristome will actually turn purple/black like my N. hamata when it's fully colored up. I think on my younger pitchers they were more reddish in color. This plant is about 8" in diameter and about 2 years since I've had it. I likely got it maybe 6-12 months out of TC since it was just a dime sized plant when it came!

Tony, I had a feeling that big clipeata at OL was the complex hybrid since it was so big I figured it probably was from that original batch of seeds after that little fiasco came to light last year. I'd still like Jerry to cut a piece for me but he claims it won't root, he'd be a little richer if he did though!
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huh.. They root for me real easy. I just chopped up my big ones and will probably run a special on them this Summer. It is a real nice plant. Sorta like a N. clipeata on steroids!

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Yes, I haven't had any problems with rooting/starting any Neps except for N. ampullaria stem cuttings. I saw you had some red ampullaria cuttings are these basal cuttings or stem cuttings? If stem cuttings, I'd like to know the secret to doing that cos only the very tip cutting grew for me when I diced up one of my greenies. The basal rosettes are easy, maybe my vine was just too long/old by the time I tried it?