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Ultrasonic fogger

I pretty much don't care if it's used or new, I just need a cheap(ish) one. I think they're cool in terrariums.

P.S. I meant $30 not $303
I hope you dont seriously think that thay are 303 dollars:0! You can buy these for about 30 dollars at a local pharmacy!
You can find them at e-bay or at garage sales for aobut 5 dolars
really? where have you seen that? Do they still work?
$5? I don't think so. I bought mine for $40.00 at a Wal*Mart. They run from $30.00-80.00 So your not gonna find one from under $30.00 unless it is on clearance or marked down as a result of not buying it at that price.
ok, thanks! I'll try that when the time comes...