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UltraHighland Nepenthes.

nepenthes gracilis

Nepenthes Specialist
Hey everyone as you may already know I am thinking about getting into the UltraHighlands and need some questions answered. I am in need of major help in how to super cool my terrarium to 50-55F at night. I am out of ideas and need people's advice who grow these or know very effective cooling methods. I will be groing them if I ever figure out how to cool my 20 gallon terrarium. So these will be in a terrarium and 20 gallons isn't much but I need help BAD! Please give me some help! Thank You!
try getting a little AC, just like a regular AC, but miniturized, and have it set to maybe 55-60 degrees farenhieght.

they have these things too on the market, there like a tube and when you turn it on really cold air comes out, have that on sticking in your tank from the top.

or use dry ice :biggrin:
Here is what I remember of a similar discussion on "the other forum" a long time ago.

Take a beer cooler or a small refridgerator. Take off the door, lay it on its back, put plexiglass on the top, and put lights over that. I think there is a way of adjusting the temp on those units. Or maybe he had it on a timer, I can't remember. Anyway, I hope this helps.
Sounds like a lot of work for some glorified lettuce if you ask me

I personally prefer droseras which I find far easier to grow. All my nepenthes, highland and lowland, are in the same terrarium and some are doing well while others are not really growing. I wonder why....

Well noah I think I'll go with Stefano's Idea. It sounds much more effective and less fooling around with the other one. Thanks Anyways! Stefano1 how do you know about these? Do you know of a website that has em for sale? Thanks
Stefano1 Little AC units? Website? Little help here please.
Yep Stefano1 I saw your other thread and saw Fatboy's post so here I am wating for your response.
Take your time I am patient.
sorry nep G i couldnt find the thread. i dont have any info about these but i have heard of them.

let me look under google about it ill tell you what i find. sorry to keep you waiting.
i think dry ice will work :biggrin:

hehehe. but anyway. i found some things..... i cant find that little unit where the tube and cool are comes out ill keep looking... here is some things i found.


HERE  i found this HELPFUL forum page.


THERES ALOT OF HELP FUL STUFF THERE! I READ SOMEWHERE THAT HE used a thermostat to keep at 50 degrees F

but i was scanning threw it i hope you find what you need there i am sure i did!

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for the units they mention in the forum there try to look for the name of the product they tell the other people and goto google and look for it. i would but i have a project due for school and gota get working. ill look later, nep G tell me what you find and if the site was helpful
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haha....I was going to suggest dry ice but somebody beat me to it

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i dont think dry ice will work well. i used it as a joke =D

my dad said they dotn sell it anymore at the gas statins and etc. but they might stil seel it by you, i think it burns your finger since its so cold and if you put it in your aquarium itll destory the roots. wait maybe you could have 2 metal racks and hold the dry ice on it and put it at top of cage hanging in with top on, that i think will work, be creative! im trieng to make my first terrarium out of a less taht 5 gallon tank, its a small plastic container, put my first VFT in it with the soil and stuff like u have it (i think its you) and he said start out small but i will go big, maybe 15 will be my biggest
when i get my plants

ANYWAY, gota go do that project. makin a volcano. :eek:
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Thanks Stefano1. I think I am going to stay with my current cooling system FOR NOW BUT I probably will upgrade as I don't want my Ultehighland Rajah to kick the bucket as it will be expensive if I buy it. Whcih I probably will! Thanks Anyways! I'll let you know what I do in the future. But with the current system it gets about 53F in there at night so if it doesn't fail I should be fine for a while.
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welcome. what do you usen now? and what are the temps for a VFT in dormancy?
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VFT'S? Where did they come out of this dissucion?
Well I'll answer it anyways as your a good friend. Well everyone on this forum is! but I put my VFT's in the fridge for dormancy and that has proven to be the best methoid for me and it has worked wondefully. But I would say whatever it is in your refridgerator that is what it should be if you don't use the fridge.