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all of u are lucky.................my u.sandersonii won't flower no it hasen't filled up the pot yet........can any 1 help me?
Give it time and try a wet/dry cycle (fill the tray and don't add water until it is empty for a day or two)
Hi Matti,

If the wet/dry cycle doesn't work, try the soaking cycle
I sometimes forget to water them for a day (wet/dry) but usually I have them sopping wet in an inch of tray water. They took a couple of months to settle down and flower for me, but hasn't stopped since. First thing I noticed was new leaves popping up about 1/4" from the main plants, and poof!

BTW, what kind of lighting conditions do you have? I have mine in full morning sun.
Whatever wickedthistle is doing, its working.  Check out all the freakin flowers her plants are producing!  

I only got mine in a trade recently( less than 2 1/2 months), and I cant get it to STOP putting up scapes! I cut the buds off because I would really rather it put energy into filling the pot first.

There seems to be different clones of this species with different growth habits. Some are more free with their flowers, and some more rampant growers. I suggest trying what others are growing. You might get a better clone!
thanks guys i grow myn
UNDER A incodesent light and in this lil plactic pot and it is bigger than it looks it's about 3 pygme sundews wide
Most of us have more U. sandersonii than we know what to do with, probably not a lot of interest in seeds. I don't think that it produces seed very often in cultivation anyway.
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I pollenated a flower a while back, and it is starting to fade. I will let you know if I get seeds at all (which I am not expecting to)

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the wet/dry cycle looks like it's working
it's starting 2 send out leaves and stolons

and my light broke so im keeping it on the widow sill untill i can get a replacement