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U. praelonga or u. monanthos



I traded with someone a while back and they sent me what they believed to be u. praelonga. Now I found out that they aren't sure what the plant is but they think it is u. monanthos. I've been looking and I can't find a good picture or description of either of these plants so I was wondering if any of you could help? What are the differences in these two? What do I need to look for? I mean, I know the flowers are very different but I have yet to see this bloom. I could post a picture of the plant if that would help..
Was it from me? If it was I can guarantee that it is praelonga because I don't have monanthos.

Leaves of praelonga are much larger and there are 2 forms, a short one that stand about 2-3 cm and long thin grass like ones that get in excess of 30 cm



Grrr My pictures won't work.. anyone know a cheap place to post photo's from?
Pyro.. no it didn't come from you don't worry =)
Ok, the pics work now..
That looks like U. praelonga to me. U. monanthos has small, somewhat fleshy leaves, while the leaves on u. praelonga are quite thin. U. praelonga has both small oval leaves and quite large narrow leaves. Like Pyro says, there are two types smaller oval ones and long grass-like ones.

U. monanthos has recently been grouped in with U. dichotoma. If you have U. dichotoma, the leaves with be very similar. Apparently though, U. monanthos has a hollow petiole while U. dichotoma does not.