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U. Nephrophylla flowering!

Well. my U. Nephrophylla has also decided to flower! It has got 2 flower stems wich just seemed to apear from no where, I didn't even notice them until they were 2 inches tall! I know I will see the flowers on these as it flowered once for me a couple of years ago. I will be busy taking pics with my digi cam for everyone to see!
The plant now has 12!!!!!! flower stems! The tallest will produce its flower in about a week or two. You will definatley be seeing pics!!!!
ok, here is a quick pic I took of it earlier today. Its not the best pic but its the best my cam can do! The largest stem should have its flower open within the week. I will take another pic then.
wow richard!

thats a nice lookin plant!! thats gonna turn out really cool! cant wait to see the pics of the flowers open! good job!

Nice looking U. dichotoma bloom in the background too.
You and me both Dodec.