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U livida

This plant was growing lovely until I started putting it in full sun. Yesterday, the end of the U. Livida started to turn brown. Today, I found the U. Livida looking like its drying up. But I checked the soil, its very moist, humidity is around 85%. Should I keep it out of the sun, or increase the humidity?
It sounds like a case of too much too fast. I would remove the plant from the full sun, or provide a good deal of screening until the new growth comes. I have U. dichotoma in my bog in full sun, but all the original leaves died off. The ones produced after the plant adjusted are fine now, and I have about 30 scapes in flower. I imagine the case would be the same with U. livida.
Oh, I see, When I first recieved the ultric livida from kayaker and btw thank you =D. I put it in full sun and that made my plants do the same thing. So I kept it indoors with high hummidity to hope it will come back to life, and it did. New growth came back, so I thought it was safe to put it outside again, and the same thing happened again. So instead of the 8-10 direct sunlight I decided to give it 4 direct sunlight that comes throught the window instead of outdoors and a lot of indirect sunlight.
Even better is broken sunlight: 4 hrs. direct summer sun can still toast your plants.

If the U. livida doesnt recover send me a pm and I will send you another division! It should recover unless the soil got to hot and cooked the plant!