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U Livida flowering like mad


Staff member
Anyone know what signs to look for that will tell me it's time to harvest?

I've never had U. livida set seed. In other utrics, the pods turn brown and crack open when they are ready.

The seeds aren't very desirable anyway as it much easier to just grow it from cuttings.

My livida has been flowering non-stop since April 2001 when I got it. I like the fact that it doesn't self seed. Self seeding Utricularia need to be kept away from other Utricularia or there is the danger of the seed falling into the pots of other species, uhhh, is that clearer than it sounds? Subulata is the worst, and I am now worrying abut lateriflora which has appeared in some pots of droserae: I hope it isn't already too late. Other potential problems in my collection are arenaria and dichotoma "Nova Zelandiae", both of which self seed for me.

I agree with Tim, why bother with seed? A small start of the plant will soon fill a pot. Sometimes I think you have a better chance of winning the lottery than getting Utricularia seed to germinate.

BTW Tim, have any of your new germination techniques resulted in better germination? Ga3 has proven to be equally ineffective in my limited experience with using it on Utricularia and Genlisea. My next experiments will be with petrie glass, possibly the instense humidity might play a role in getting it to start.
Nope, nothing. I have only ever had any luck with really fresh seed, and then it has germinated within a few weeks. But there are stories of utric seed germinating after many months. I just don't have that kind of patience. I figure that if someone is in a position to collect seed, then they can bloody well take a chunk of the plant as well, and save us all some grief.
ok ok ok!!

I won't harvest the seeds!

I'll just split the sucker and repot a portion...
It really is much easier that way