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U. Inflata - how to grow?

I'm about to get a U. Inflata plant, and I have no experience with aquatic cp's. Does anyone have growing info for this plant

i kept this species very successful in a large half wine barrel in full sun. it took a while for it to acclimate, but the next year it grew like crazy and bloomed like crazy! this was the first CP i was ever successful with. ive heard that aquatic utrics are a little harder to grow, but this one grows quite nicely how i just suggested. good luck!

Josh covered most of it lol! but i have heard if you place peat and sand on the bottom of the container, it will grow acclimate faster.
Thanks for the info, I'll probably try growing it like that.
I have noticed that the aquatics growing in opaque containers seem to do better for me than ones in clear aquaria. The wine barrel success seems to confirm this again. My U. radiata is flowering now!
yeah, i havnt been that successful using aquariums. but the wine barrel....it worked great!! they grew like crazy and bloomed like crazy! well, take care