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U. gibba


It’s a trap!
I was playing around with my camera today and tried to get some photos of my U. gibba. I need to work on better lighting or possibly adding a dye to the water before taking the photo (although this may kill the plant


Hi Nick,

Nice pictures! Do you feed your gibba? Mine is in a tank I feed live baby brine shrimp to every day and you should see all the traps it has on it. It must be a little pig.

Great pictures Nick. Try putting black paper under the bowl tank or whatever you have the plants in and lighting from the side at different angles until you get good contrast. Perhaps you've already tried this. Are you using a digital or conventional camera?

Keep up the great work. The pictures you post are always high quality.
I am using a Nikon Cooplix 4300 4MP digital camera with a 37mm lens adapter and combined 7+ and 10+ 37mm macro lenses for a total of 17+.