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U. geminiloba

It is with me, and I hope to keep it so. I welcome any advice on the do's and don'ts on this subject, perhaps a few 500 word essays on the habitat....well, anything that anyone has that will help with my current j-j-j-itters...
I think the best plan is dead sphagnum as a medium and a normal utric watering regime. I had mine in drier conditions and it did not do very well. I changed my technique when Pyro pointed out that it was related to U. humboldtii and nelumbifolia and that it would probably like wetter conditions.

Good luck.
I recieved 3 tubers for this plant about 3 weeks ago. I potted them up in LFS in a 2" pot and dropped the whole thing in with all my other Utrics. Looking at them today I have massive stolon growth and am seeing the beginnings of leaves. All in all it seems easy but since I have only had it 3 weeks it may be too soon to tell
Now that I have the Three Wise Men together, what are your thoughts on fertilizing Utrics?
I've never tried it, but it doesn't seem to be neccessary.

Not sure I would call myself wise but who am I to argue

On fertilizing, I have used a once weekly application by spray of 1/8 concentration orchid 30-10-10 during the summer. It has not hurt but I can not say it has helped either since they seem to grow at the same rate in the winter without fertilizer.
Im not an expert here, but a couple weeks ago I put a small piece of U. sandersonii in a terrarium that had once held fish, the water in the terrarium had a very high level of nitrates 90 ppm??? I removed the fish and let the water evaporate. I have noticed explosive growth in the plant going from 1" by 1" to 4" by 3" in just a couple of weeks......

Ive been kickin around the idea of maybe introducing some fish into my growing trays.....It will make for an interesting experiment.

I will keep everyone updated...I have been extremily busy so it might take me awhile to get around to it!!!