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U. floridana


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I was in NC last July and I found what I believe to be U.floridana in a drainage ditch in Bladen county. As far as I know floridana has only been found once in NC and that was in 1972 by Peter Taylor who found it washed up on the shore of White Lake. The site I found was about 6 miles from White Lake.
I'm going there tomorrow and I'm going to see if I can find it again. I know it'll be dormant and hard to find but I'm going to be in the area anyway so I'm going to try. I want to positively identify this plant to see if it is floridana or if it is some other bladderwort. I'm no expert on them so I think I need some help.
Is there anyone here that thinks they can identify this plant?
Does anyone know any other know sites of U. floridana in NC?
Is there anyone here from SE North Carolina or in the Wytheville VA area?

I took some pics of it when I was there in July but I had a disposable camera and the pics are not clear enough to identify it. I plan on taking more pics this time hopefully they will be better.
From reading what you just typed, it seems feasible...

A reason why noone could have found it SINCE then... Maybe because they don't bother thinking that it could be there...? If I saw something that looked like a U. alpina flower up north, here in Canada, I doubt my mind would go "U. alpina!"... I might investigate, because I like lookin at stuff like that, but I don't think I'd got labelling it right away if it's not native to the region...
I'm now in NC and I plan on looking for this plant tomorrow.
After driving 13 hrs I think I might sleep in tomorrow.

Parasuco Thanks for the reply.
I'll update as soon as i get a chance tomorrow.
Since this topic has evolved from U. floridana into a topic involving many other species and a trip to the Green Swamp in NC I'm going to continue this in the General discussions.