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U. erectiflora

[NOTE: Fernando later determined this is U. adpressa, not U. erectiflora. See his 22 April post below.]
Fernando Rivadavia sent me three photos of U. erectiflora [EDIT: adpressa], which he asked that I post for him. I chose to retain the original format, which is a bit too large to post directly to the forum. They are about 175KB each.

In his email, Fernando said
[b said:
Quote[/b] ]Two weeks ago I was exploring beachside habitats in the state of Bahia, NE Brazil, and discovered a site with D. intermedia and U. erectiflora in the town of Porto Seguro.
I couldn't help but notice the link had 'Porto Seguro, Bahia' in it. My wife and I went there for our honeymoon. Of course, for the beaches, not for CPs!
Nice flower - and not so nice plain whirl!
Hi guys,

Yes, Porto Seguro is a famous holliday destination here in Brazil. I had been there myself a few years back for the beaches, but had no luck finding CPs (didn't have a car to explore better). This time I found huge areas loaded with millions of D.intermedia, but only small amounts of U.erectiflora and U.subulata. It was the start of the wet season, so I imagine that in a few months there will probably be lots more and maybe other species too. Ah, I did see some U.gibba -- BORING!

The finger was left in the picture as a size reference.
:) But the print is really clear enough to be used against me in case the police ever needs it, hahaha!

Best Wishes,
Fernando Rivadavia
Are Copper and Wolfstriker paying attention?
Hello to all,

Andreas Fleischmann recently pointed out to me that my pics of U.erectiflora didn't look much like Taylor's drawings of this species -- and he was right! I'd just assumed it was this species because it's very common on the Brazilian coast. But now that I'm finally sitting down and organizing the herbarium material I realized it's actually U.adpressa. So Bob, please change the name associated with these pics on your website!

Take Care,
Fernando Rivadavia
[b said:
Quote[/b] (Fernando Rivadavia @ April 21 2005,9:26)]... I realized it's actually U.adpressa. So Bob, please change the name associated with these pics on your website!
Changed. I also edited the links in the initial posting above.