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U. dichotoma

I just got a packet of u. dichotoma seeds and I sowed them in a three inch pot with 80% peat moss and 20% perlite . how long will it take to germonate , when will it flower , and any tips .
Germination will take anywhere between a few days and never. Medium sounds fine, but I have had good luck giving them a good spray of water once or twice a day. If they germinate, they could flower within a year.
I should tease you be telling you the truth: Utricularia germinate from between 11 hrs. from sowing and.....eternity. Seed that is not fresh often will not germinate due to inhibitory chemicals in the seed coat.

Some experiments have shown these inhibitors may be leached away by daily gentle misting, having placed the seed on a layer of pure sand to prevent it from washing away.

Based on your mix, I would say that option is out, as the seed would probably wash into the spaces between the peat and the pearlite.

I would suggest that you find a way to raise the water level to within 1 cm of the surface of the medium, maintain high humidity (like in a ziplock bag) and give bright strong light (beware of temperature build up).

If it doesn't happen within a month, I'd say you were in it for the long term. A precaution I sometimes employ when I expect a pot to sit around for a loooooong time is to sterilize the medium in the microwave.

U. dichotoma is commonly shared through stolon division. The problem with this is that sexual variation is lost with this method of reproduction. Growing Utricularia dichotoma from seed will bring in fresh genetic recombination, you might even get an interesting variation. Good luck.