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U. Calcyfida

Well, I've noted progress in that U. Calcyfida, Pyro! I think it is a stolon, but I dont know how they grow... A fleshy white cylinder pushed out of the center, and now, the tip is turning getting round. Is this what happens? Are they rossetted plants? How do they spread? How do Utrics work? As in growing... Do I keep the soil moist, waterlogged or full of water until the soil surface? I can see the water table thru the glass... Anything else Ishould know? Does anyone have any nice pics of it?

Thanks a whole lot!!!
If the emergence is in the center there is a possibility that this might be a flower scape. The plants spread by underground stolons which reach the surface and form rosettes. The traps are attached to the stolons. They have triggers that when brushed produce a suction that draws small prey into the bladders where they are digested and absorbed. This plant should be on the wet side, even and constant warmth, and most importantly no direct sun. Check the emergence: does it appear to have a tiny leaf at the tip of it? If so it is likely a scape. The clone you have comes from my collection, and mine are currently flowering! Pyro is out of town until Sunday or so.
Its only two stolons, and its flowring??? Its growing horizontally (more than less), its green with a round paddle shapped purple tip.
In that case, it is probably another "paddle" emerging. Eventually they form rosettes (picture a thin, floppy, non-sticky butterwort). It will flower next year if not this year, and the flowers are fairly large for the genus. This clone has light purple flowers.
How often does it produce new rosettes? Is it like two, three leaves, and another pops up, or is it really truly a rosseted, that produces off shoos once in a while? So the plant is centralized, with a baby at the end of a thread....

Also, since the plant is only three leaves big, and it only has one string of about two to three traps (it may have more since i planted it), I dont want to go out and really, BUY some daphnia. Where can i get it some food? Can I make it food?

Well Tamlin answered most of your early stuff so I'' just get your last one.

It produces new rosettes whenever, one day your plant will be growing along happily the next you will have 4 more new plantlets appearing. Mine has already produced 10 new rosetts and I have only had it for 7 months or so (is that right Tamlin?)

Don't worry about daphnia for it, little soil critters will make their way on to the pot and it'll trap them.

Thanks, thats kewl... Do the leaves overlap eachoteher like a butterwort? Oh, i'm so impatient. I should have SOME suprises... Hey, Pyro, I know this isnt a Utric question, but its quick. When do u think the darlintonia will start to send up new leaves? I'm goin good with it, i flush it with water whenever i walk past it... Turkey baster...

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</span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote </td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">Quote: from Parasuco on 9:42 pm on April 21, 2002
Do the leaves overlap eachoteher like a butterwort?[/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>

It really depends on the light, lower light levels result in longer more upright leaves, high light gives a tight compact rosette similar to a Ping's.

As for the Darlingtonia, they take some time to recover and establish. I would say you are in for a wait of at least a month maybe more. Just keep up with the top watering and it should do fine.