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U.biloba ?

hello ,
i've surfed the net and found this beaty, dose anyone here in the United states grow this ?

the only place i've been able to find it for sale is over in europ.

darn my bad spelling!!!

well i'd love to hear cultivation tips on this or pics if anyone has them to shair.
Funny you should mention it since I had a dream about this species just the other night. Someone was showing me a nice clump in flower......sigh. It's really bad when you have to DREAM about these species! It is a neat plant, and I hope we both eventually find it. It is around, and only a matter of time before I get my Utricularia plucking fingers on it.
It's pretty simple. Standard peat/sand mix, submerge the plant under a few cm of water.
Yes there are people in the US that grow it
my names Roni and i'm addicted to cp's ..........

there i said it!!!!!!!!  hehe i've had a similar dream about G.violecae............
sorry i have'nt sent you that sase with a donation i've been extreamly bizzy with work and had a family emergancy last week ......sigh , it's been extremely chaotic lately.

i'll have it sent out tomorrow.

yes i almost always dream about my plants and sometimes i make up new ones  in my dream's hehhehe. yes i think i'm obsesed with these plants..

dear tony should i just post up a thread of what i can trade in the tradeing post ? maybe someone will have it and want something i have , i could also offer to pay for a small peice ?

well good growing everyone and good night
i must get to bed........... and dream of the plants hehehehe
I think Ive seen Lord of the Rings TOO many times in the last few weeks (dont ask, I've lost count) cause every time I see this post, I see U. bilboa... lol

never made it to bed............
hahaha i was just watching that!!!!

hahah well the two towers anyways heheh love that movie
can't w8 for the third!!!
Dodec: Should the plant be under water permanantly, or should I only flood it once in a while and let the water level drop below the surface befor watering again? I received the plant 1 week ago, and I let the water level at the level of the substrate, then let it go below perhaps 0.5 cm before I water again...
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I'd keep it under the surface permanently, the leaves don't form properly (in my experience, at least) if they are above water.
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I don't keep it under water permanently. I flood it and then i wait until the water level is half the pot. Then i flood it again. In my experience, this works just fine. My plants flowered the whole summer. It's such a nice plants. The deep blue flowers are very impressive, although they are not that big.