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Twiddleing Thumbs

Well, my various seeds have been hanging out for two weeks now, I guess that means I have about two more left. I am however growing a very nice yellow green algea on my perlight and the Sphagnum is growing at a very good rate too, lol.
Some seeds take quite awhile to germinate. I just got some seedlings up from seed I sowed last May. Its been over a year, but I am still waiting for some tuberous Drosera seed to germinate!

It's not the best time of year to start seed either, but I don't let that stop me! A little bottom heat works wonders if you can provide it.

Algae can often be discouraged by thoroughly rinsing sand or pearlite before using it. I have loost more seedlings to algae than to any other cause. Grrrr.

Good Growing!
No one ever mentioned it as a thret befor. Now I'm anoyed because I can't fix it. Are all my seedlings going to die?
Not unless the algae outcompetes them. The algae may even resolve. If it seems to be getting the better of the seedlings, transplant them then. Otherwise, things should be ok.

If I understand properly, your seeds haven't germinated right? Try placing a 1/8" layer of pure sand over the the whole pot. You just need enough sand so that the peat/perlite below doesn't show. This should help delay any algal problems for a enough time that your seedlings can become large enough to transplant safely. Water very gently at the edge of the pot so that the peat doesn't rise above the sand layer. Misting instead of pouring water is usually better at keeping the sand on top, and the slight movement when you do it also discourages the algae.

Otherwise, I *hate* sand in the soil, and I'm not too fond of perlite either, because they always promote algae for me.

Take care!

Chris F.
Oh okay, thanks for the info. The algea isn't bad so things should be okay. My seeds started germinating yesterday in the water, but I didn't have time to stare at the soil.
The very first time I sowed Drosera seeds (Thanks Tamlin) I made many mistakes. I misted the seeds, kept them in a dark place, had fungi cover 75% of the media surface. But guess what, the seeds sprouted anyways

Just can't seem to fail with Drosera seeds