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Tropical or not?

Hi all. Was just wondering if Sundews are troppical and therefor do not require resting time. Can i plant my seeds any time of the year or should it be done at certain times? Please send replies with all info u can. Thanks
There are tropical sundews, which can be planted at anytime of the year, and do not have the dormancy requirment. Others, such as the N. American temperate do require a winter dormancy. Also, the Australian tuberous and pygmy species require a dry dormancy during the summer. If you say the species of seeds you have, I'm sure I, or someone else would tell you if, or what type of dormancy they require.
The seeds are (Drosera Capensis) If these are tropical ill be happy cause ive been saving them until growing season lol but ill be able to plant straiught away now hopefully. Thanks for the help.

Drosera capensis is a south-african species. You can plant them anytime you want. They are really easy. They should germinate within 4 weeks. Drosera capensis does not necessarily need dormancy.

Ok, cool. Also was wondering if my propagator is too hmid. I have some nepenthes in therr right now but sundew will be going in with them. the whole of the plastic cover has seamed up with condensation on the inside. I am buying a humidi meter or whatever they are called today t measure the percentage.

You should have no problem with capensis. They are among the weediest sundews in the world.