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Does anyone here grow it? I'm guessing Pete might be able to... you live in the tropics (ish), don't you? And you have a greenhouse... Tony might be able to too...

Does anyone here grow them??? I've read about them... Long vines, upper leaves are the sticky, carnivorous ones, and the seeds are attached to disks thatfloat to the jungle floor?

These plants are really cool... I wonder where you can find seeds for them though...
Triphyophyllum peltatum is very, VERY rare in cultivation. Last I heard, it is only growing at a couple greenhouses in Ivory Coast and Germany. That info is from CPN vol. 31 no. 2 p. 44.

Parasuco, It's only carnivorous for a short time (
) before it starts climbing for the canopy, where would you keep something like this? It sounds like it would get quite large.
Here is a picture of some small plants growing in the botanical garden of Würzburg (Germany)


I know its rare. I couldnt find too many pictures either. Thanks martin.

I was just thinking though... Another reason it is so rare is because of its large root system... If there was somewhere in a greenhouse to have some dirt built into the floor, then perhaps it can be grown, and the vine can scuttle aroundt eh rafters.......

meh. Just a thought...
they need extremly hot temperatures, very high humidity and are very(!) sensitive to the slightest air movement. This is what the people in Würzburg told me.

I forgot all the other things you ahve to care for. It seems to be impossible to grow it among other CP's.

But 30 years ago Heliamphora and Drosophyllum have been rated as extremly difficult in cultivation, too.

Hmmm... That air movement thing sounds like itmight make it be thething that prevents it from coming into cultivation... what if it grew with some lowland neps? Bical would be good in such a large set up, sowould mirabilis...
very nice pic. i wonder if those were collect from wild or TCed.
Are these plants on display to the public? or do you have to make special arrangements to see them? Also, do they have a good collection of other CPs?
I visit Germany most years as my wife's Aunt lives near Frankfurt (on the Wurzburg side) and we have good friends in Tubingen, so I would happily go out of my way to visit Wurzburg and see these plants. I know I'll never be rich enough to build the facilities necessary to grow these plants and I am unlikely to go and see them in the wild. Therefore, a trip to Wurzburg is probably my only chance to ever see them.

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If I think I'll get time on my next trip, I'll write to Martin Duschek and try and arrange a private visit. I'll get my wife to write it in her best german.