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Tree and mushroom work together

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Maybe Triffids are real! First insect eating trees, next people
All kidding aside I found it an interesting article. Thanks
Accually, i dont remember where it is, but there is a tree that creates very sticky and sweet smalling seeds, so that when birds are attracted to it, they get cought and die, then the seed falls off and it uses the bird for fertilizer to get the seed started. I dono if thats carnivorous....
I wouldn't call that carnivorous, but it is really cool! There is a sort of pine tree in the savanna of Africa that, during the dry season, the seeds get ready to fall. When a fire comes (if indeed it does) , it burns the trees which triggers all the seed pods to fall down. They get planted firmly in the ground, then fire ash acts as a fertilizer! Pretty cool, huh? Anyway, that is quite an interesting story...