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Traps end?

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My vfts has caught several flys while I had it outdoors. Most of the traps reopened after a week or two with only the fly's husk. I thought the trap die when it caught something. Is this not true?
No, it doesn't die immediately. Here's the full process: the trap catches a bug. It digests the bug that it caught. It(hopefully)reopens. After reopening, the trap is(hopefully)still healthy. After several catches, the trap wares out. The first sign of a worn out trap is that the lips of the trap will curl outwards, like this:

This is completely normal. After the trap starts showing signs of waring out, it will no longer close. After a little while, the trap will blacken and die. After it dies, you should snip off <span style='color:red'>only</span> the completely black part of the leaf/trap. If you cut off <span style='color:red'>any</span> green part at all, the plant will lose valuable energy.

Good luck and I hope this helps!