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Trap oddity


Moderator Schmoderator Fluorescent fluorite, Engl
Today I was spending a little quality time with my VFTs and I was looking at a dente flytrap. Then I noticed that one of the traps looked like a typical with the longer, hair-like teeth. So I thought there must be two plants in the pot. I checked but there is definitely one crown and the petiole with the typical looking trap goes to the one crown. All the other traps have the "sawtooth" look, but this one trap definitely doesn't look like a dente in any way.

Is this common? Has any one else seen that before? And how would that happen if the entire plant has the same genetic makeup? Just a mutation back to its original form on just ONE trap?

And while I'm thinking about it...isn't the "typical" the native form and all others are various mutants or hybrids?

It's just kinda weird seeing a typical trap on the dente.

My dente is growing weird also.  The hairs although not as long as a common, is still rather long, not very dente at all.  Before dormancy, they were short, like a beartrap, now they're long for some reason :confused:
In my experience, the Dente / Sharks Tooth plants can revert back to looking more like typical VFTs sometimes. I find the more sun you give it, the more triangular the teeth and you are more likely to get the shorter teeth with large summer traps, rather than the smaller spring ones.