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nepenthes gracilis

Nepenthes Specialist
Hi all, since dormancy is nearing the end (thank mother nature!
) I was wondering since most of my Sarracenia, my Darlingtonia, and VFT's need some repotting and dividing the offsets. What would be the best time to repot/divide them up? Would now be the best or worst time? Thanks!

I agree that now is the best time to divide and repot. The longer you wait, the more likely you will damage the new leaves that are emerging. The timing of the breaking of dormancy depends on the climate and species. For example, some of my purpurea and flava (in northwestern California) have already begun to send up flower buds and tender new leaves, whereas leucophylla are still in deep sleep.

Everything here is dead silent. My VFT's need SEVERE uncrowding, I will get to repotting them shortly...can't wait to see how fun it will be repotting some of the larger specimens! I have some whopping nursury grade tree pots (pots that immature trees go into) and they will be excellent for my large specimen of S. purpurea and an arrangment of VFT"s or something!