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when I transplant my vft next spring is it best to
a) remove the plant from the old container and place it into the new one peat and all.
b) remove the plant from the old container, also removing the old peat, and place it in a new pot w/ 100% fresh peat.

also, is it necessary to do a total peat transplant every year or two? How do you keep the acidic level up year after year?

The answer depends on the quality of water and how you grow the plants. I use well water that has low dissolved minerals. I water the plants from the top and let the water drain through the pots onto the floor. Using this method, I have never found a build-up of minerals and can use the same material for 2 to 3 years before repotting. However, I usually repot my VFTs every year anyway, not because the peat needs replacing, but because I divide my plants every March just as they show signs of coming out of dormancy. When I divide the plants and repot them, I make up a mix of the old peat and whatever new peat is needed to fill all of the pots for the resulting divided plants.

If you use the tray method and only add water as the water evaporates, you may need to replace the peat more often, depending on the mineralization of your water. Since I do not grow VFTs this way, follow the advice of those experienced in this approach.