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transplanting 2 vfts

I'm anxiously awaiting my arrrival of 2 green dragon vfts form petlfytrap.com and i ordered the double plant option. I am wondering that because the 2 plants come in a 3 inch pot if I should transplant them into a 6 or 8 inch pot when they get here. Please let me know!
hmm..good thought. I guess i would transplant them to a larger pot of peat/sand or peat/perlite. Make sure soil is wel mixed in distilled water first.
I have gotten the common fly trap and the Dente fly trap from Exotic gardens with the double plant option and they fit in it FINE for me. there is lots of room for them to grow still, so i dont think you should repot because when you get them they are in a shock of shipping and handeling

BUT you COULD plant them like cephalotus88 said, maybe a month or two after you get them
So I guess I get to chime in

One of the things that I try to preach is:


( The other being Distilled Water ONLY!!! )

These plants get NOTHING from the soil. Really if you think about it, they are just to anchor the plant. The soil that these plants grow in is void of nutrients. That is why they have the adapted ability to catch insects.

This is the way it 'fertilizes itself" ( or gets what other plants would from the soil. )

With that said...Replanting VFT's isn't benifical ( IMO ). There are ways to help out your plant ( feeding, teas, alternative feeding methods )...but yanking one out to repot isn't the best thing.

These plants will ( and do ) go through schock from the shipping. They are into their growing season. They have been acclimated to their conditions ( being potted like that ).

So by taking one out you will :

1) disturb the roots, potential for great damage
2) have to allow the plant to 'get over schocking from transplanting it "
3) stunt the growth in its growing season

I don't mean to scare you ( or anyone )...I am just adamant about not replanting these guys/gals.

There are other CP's ( carnivorous plants ) that benifit from this. The Venus Flytrap isn't one of them.

HOWEVER ( I always try to look for SOMETHING to add as an option )

So here it is:

If you have to repot:

1) make sure you have the right soil. CANADIAN SPHAGNUM PEAT MOSS ( Schultz brand if you can find it )

2) Mix 50/50 with either Perlite or Washed Sand ( playground sand, silica sand )

3) Be VERY GENTLE when you pull up the plant. Be sure to get as much of the soil as possible. Do not expose a plant into new soil...It will ease on the shocking some.

4) Do this before its growing season ( which is in full swing ). That too won't affect the plant that bad.


If you transplant it out....it will take some time to resope. Sometimes, it won't. If you follow the above directions...you would be fine.

But I would wait until next year to do it.

I can think of one advantage of repotting though. I received a flytrap last year which was in compacted peat which was like concrete - I had trouble digging it out. When I repotted it it did much better, I assume because oxygen could get to the roots.