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Can you help me with how to successfully transplant my green dragon fly trap?? Any help is welcome... Thanx
You shouldn't try to repot a Venus Fly Trap unless it is absolutely nessesary. Why do you want to repot it?
What is the reason you want to repot it?
If you have to transplant disturb the root system as little as possible. Try to remove the entire potted medium and place in the new container without the plant knowing. Hehe... sounds kinda funny but that's what you really need to do. Even then there will probably be a shock period.
What's a good indicator that a VFT has outgrown its pot?
About the only way I can think of is if the roots are coming out the bottom of the pot. They have a very small root system about 5 I think sounds right although I never counted that are like dental floss thin. sorry its the only thing I can think of at the moment
So it could take years to grow out of a pot.
Oh and before I say any more I forgot in my last post to welcome you both Leiopo and Tough to the forum.
Oh and Tough if you realy hate the pot it's in and just have to repot it for any reason remember that vfts are kinda picky about what type of pot they are put in, plastic is the safest.
Thanks for your comments!! My reason for wanting to transplant my VFT was to put them in a terrerium and group them together. It that a good idea or should I just leave them as is? I got the terrerium from this site and do not want it to go to waste...

thanks for your suggestions....
Please reply to my questions, thanks....