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Hey everyone -

Is anyone interested in CP trades at the upcoming NECPS Show in Providence Oct 11?

I could be persuaded to part with any of the following, in person, at the show:

D. adelae, several
VFTs, young "Red Rosette Giant" x "Burgundy Trap Giant Upright"
A few others as well, PM for a list.
Nepenthes khasiana x ventricosa - rooted healthy cuttings.
Some 1 year old Sarracenia - different varieties.
1 young D. binata
a few S. leuco 8 to 16 inches tall
baby Cobra lily

I wanted to bring a few D. gigantea and D. macranthra, but they haven't awoken from dormancy yet.........too bad!

Anyone interested?

</span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote </td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">VFTs, young "Red Rosette Giant" x "Burgundy Trap Giant Upright"
[/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>

Really?  What are you interested in?  Any interest in drosera?  Alicaie, rotundifolia

or Nep cuttings....x coccinea, maybe another (gotta check).
young sars (2 years approx) S. purpurea 'Rosea', flava heavily veined.

Or perhaps U. flaccida or U. livida?

I think that may be it at the moment....I'll check when I get home.
The "Red rosette..." VFTs I have for trade are small - maybe 1/4 inch or so traps now. BUT......here is the parent plant:


WildBill, that pot is creepy cool.
Thanks!! I call it the "Bug Boneyard". Kids flip over it - at a talk I gave about a month ago, these 2 young boys were sayin', " stay back,....I'm NOT going NEAR that one......"

Wow, you've got everything in that pot. Utrics, saras, looks like some d. rotundifolias as well as the vfts. It's a party!!!

NECPS Show in Providence Oct 11?

where is this show. IS LA too far
  It's in Providence, Rhone Island.  If you mean either Los Angeles or Louisiana, both are a bit far!  We'd be REALLY impressed if you came from that far away!

Thanks for the pic. I have one just like it (younger), though, so I guess maybe I'll ask you about the khasiana x ventricosa...
Hey Schloaty, you still want this N.xCantleyi? It's getting potbound in the plastic cup i planted it in - not bad for a "cutting".

What you wanna trade for it?
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Bill, That VFT looks just plain dangerous!!!

I'll have some D. multifida at the show if you're not growing that yet? Perhaps a D. filiformis ssp. tracyi or D. filiformis spp. filiformis?
Would have to find some good stuff to trade for a D. gigantea!!

I'll be at the show Oct 11th..Can't wait!!
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D. Muscipula,
Well, do I have anything listed above that grabs you (No pun intended)? In addition, might be able to part with an S. 'Rosea', S. flava 'heavily veined' or S. leucophylla....all of these are seedlings, maybe 1 year or so old (actually, I think the 'Rosea is 2 years old).
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D. filiformis is one that i want, Kirk. Are you interested in a small D. prolifera?


I'm mostly looking for lowland neps of the unhybridized type - i think the nep you chopped for cuttings was one, the one that ended up with a lot of root and very little plant?

My luck with sarrs is sketchy... i don't know that i should add any new to my collection until i successfully winter a few.
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Lowland neps, eh?

I cat cut a gracilis for you, I may have a baby amp...my baby amp is putting up basal rosette (already! the darn thing is barely 3 inches itself. I don't know if I can separate them without an microscope). I might also be tempted out of a raf.

The one you're referring to, however, is my tobaica, which I am reluctant to cut. It just recovered from the abuse I gave it before, and is starting to look really nice (you can see it at the show). I will be happy to cut it once if makes a new growth point, though.
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Here is picture of the parent plant of Nep hybrid (khasiana x ventricosa?) I have rooted cuttings of for trade at the show.


Also ...TONY put a list of what he donated on the NECPS Show topic over in the General Discussions. It starts with a CEPH!!!!! Sounds like "Let's get R E A D Y to R U M B L E " to me! Watch out for Schloaty - I heard he knows a little Karate.

Thank You Tony!!!!!!!

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</span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote </td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">Watch out for Schloaty - I heard he knows a little Karate.
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Good thing for everyone it's a silent auction...

Tony, you ROCK!