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For Trade Trade pygmy drosera gemmae for ???

I have some confused pygmy drosera that are producing gemmae right now I'd like to trade. The varieties are;
1. D. Palacea
2. D. Roseana
3. D. Platystigma Dark Orange

I probably will pack about 20 gemmae into a pack. Not sure exactly how many packs I’d have for each species, but I'm looking to see who here is interested in the first place.

As for what I’m looking for, there is not anything specifically in mind. I expect to have an upcoming move this summer, so easy things like seeds that I can store for a little bit and pot up after the move would be ideal since I don’t *need* more pots to move besides what I have already. (but I suppose I could always find some more space for super cool stuff :) )

So let me know if you would like any of the types of gemmae listed and we can see about setting up an interesting swap, thanks!
I have some seeds. I'll pm you.

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I have some D. Intermedia North Carolina seeds currently and will have some Drosera filiformis “Florida Red” x self and some D. capillaris Cintronelle(probably spelled wrong),AL seeds. Might have some D. admirabilis sp. “Floating” seeds in a few months, I’m feeding mine a ton. I could also take some leaf cuttings of a D. tracyi and capensis Bain’s Kloof.
I have a long list of seeds available right now (including one more packet of Nepenthes seeds) and would really like to get platystigma back in my collection (it decided to fizzle out this year).
hi, I am defiantly interested in D. Platystigma Dark Orange. I will have some flytrap seeds available next month. would you be willing to trade for those? I also have some D. Hercules x self-seeds.
Shooting you a pm!

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I have received the gemmae and I just wanted to say that I am very very happy with what I received. I chose to get some of each and I was expecting around 10 gemmae, max 15 for each species. I received probably at least 30 of each. Sadly, one of the bags got a hole in the side and it caused the paper towel to dry out. But, the paper towel being dry only harmed a few of the gemmae.
Glad you happy sangrocks101! I was aiming to pack for 20 with spares, so I guess my counting is a bit erratic. Was there still enough of the gemmae in the bag that got punctured to still get a good pot started? Or do you want me to send some more of that variety?

Other prospective traders-
I ran into an issue with a full mailbox lately, so if you messaged me about a trade but I didn't message back please try again if you are still interested. I want to be sure I'm not forgetting anyone or leave them hanging due to missed messages. Thanks!