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Tooo coolldddd.....

While checking on my plants yesterday, I realized that it's 10 degrees outside and my nepenthes( in miniature terrariums ) are to close to the window. Although, the temperature stays steady during the day, I'm afraid the temp might go to low during the night and kill the plants.
Any suggestions for insulation?

Please Reply

p.s. I live in Maryland and I don't know what species the nepenthes is exept that it's a lowlander.
heck if it is a lowland you better keep it warm as possible. yes, 10 degress is way to cold for any Nepenthes even highlanders. do what ever u can to keep it warm. it sounds like it is in the house already so turn your heat up but also you will want to keep the humidity high to inside the mini-tank. also close your curtains during the night to keep the draft off of it.