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Too much prey capture? rotting traps?

I have the problem of my plants pigging out and overeating to the point where the pitchers rot. There is also a type of wasp here that can chew its was out of the base of the picher, destroying it in the process. This season, I am following the suggestion of my wife (!!&#33
who suggested that I stuff their mouths with cotton balls.

Well, I'll be darned, it's working great! All the pitchers are beautiful at last with no ugly rotting spots. Later in the season I will remove the cotton selectively after making sure the pitchers have water in them so the prey promptly drowns.

Thought I would pass this on in case others have the same problems.
Thanks for the reminder. I was cussing a blue streak the other day over lost pitchers to gluttony. You might try inner lining fabric from the fabric store. It is light weight and dries quickly, no chance of rot or a weight problem due to water. Though, I do love to watch the drunken wasps fall in the pitchers and the buzzing sound of a dozen flies in a leucophylla pitcher. I have noticed down here in Atlanta, that later in the season, the pitchers burn at a certain point down inside and have found that a particular late season moth is the culprit. Some of my pitchers I find are stuffed with shredded plant material and sealed up...exyra moths!? Peter D'Amatos says they seal the pitcher with webbing. Any thoughts?
I have read about the moth as well, and they are bad news. I do not have enough expertise to say much, and will leave that to someone with more on the ball.

I will try the synthetic fluff. So far every pitcher is as perfect as if grown under glass. Last year i lost my SINGLE S. leucophylla pitcher right after it opened, grrrrr.