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Too much light?

Hello everyone,

   I have a green dragon that I got about 5 weeks ago.  It's been pretty much living outdoors in the day, and at night I bring it in when it gets cooler.  The thing is that it's a bit stemmy these days with little or no leaf at all.  the mouths are plentiful and healthy looking, but I'm worrying that the plant maybe getting too much sun with the result being that the plant is trying to protect itself by reducing the size of the leaves.

   Does this sound right or is there maybe something else going on here?  I'm using distilled water, Canadian sphagnam and perlite (50/50) and roughly 5-6 hours of direct sun a day.

   I welcome any help you all may have.
Nonsense, leaves only get long, spindy because of inefficent light. There's no too much sun, VFT love sunlight!!!

The VFT leaves change their shape according to the seasons. In the spring and fall, the leaves are big and heart-shape while in the summer, they become thinner, hardly having leaves.
The leaves are wider in spring and autumn to capture as much sun as possible (the sun is not so intense in spring/autumn), and in the summer when the sun is at its fullest intensity the leaves become long and spindly (there is no need to have wide leaves as the plant captures enough sunlight from thin leaves).

The plant can then concentrate it's growth elswhere (i.e. on size and number of leaves and traps).