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Todays pic

  • Thread starter kayaker78
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I took this 2 days ago!!! Im trying to post a picture I took every day! Im photographing plants at least several times a week!

Very Nice!

I also think you have a good idea with the pic a day, maybe an idea for a new forum!

People could make posts like:

6-8-03 Dracula rosepalum

6-9-03 Nepenthes hamata

6-10-03 Pinguicula agnata var. 'true blue'

6-11-03 Aristolochia gigantea var. 'brasilaensis'
and so on...

PFT could have the most amazing plant pic forum with all the amazing plants the members grow!

I think a forum like that would get confusing, maybe a webpage would be better??? Everone submits their photos and the best one get shown each day?
Best One? Why not show everybody's picture? I'm sure none are so hideous that they can't be displayed... :s
it would get expensive to put every photo everyone submitted online, it would take too much memory/bandwidth
Hi Kayaker

Nice photo. :) Very pretty phal. Is it yours?

We should stay away from any consideration of 'best' picture. Whose responsibility would it be to determine 'best'? It would open up a big can of worms, with a side order of ego. I really don't think we should go there.