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To Tea or not to Tea?

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I read on a cp website somewhere on the web that the grower of vfts would occasionaly water them with tea,as it's accidic properties benifits the vfts,who nativly live in acidic soil. Would you's reccomend this?
Hmm..... interesting....... Yes,tea is acidic but I wouldn't. If it was me I would make "Peat Tea". Directions-Tea bag,put peat in it and bingo peat tea bag. Then soak in distilled water and water plants. Nep.G.
Tannic or tallic acid is the substance I think which is in tea (I can't quite remember which it is). The exact same stuff is in peat though - you might as well soak some peat and use the brown water you get from it.

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What about pine straw. I usually don't mind this blowing into the bogs as I believe pine straw to help the acidity. I will however, remove the oak, maple and other leaves that blow in. Hope I am doing right.
I do believe that the 'tea' that they are speaking of is what Nep said.

You fill peat in a cloth then place it in the sun and brew it. Then use that water for your plants. It should add a litlle extra kick to you soil. This would be instead of replanting ( for some people)
Yep. That also what it does. It re-acidifys your soil. I have used it once and have found it works fine. I also use the excess water in some of my pot trays. Since it has already gone thru Peat it is acidifyed. Nep.G.
I have tried it with pine needle in the past but it absolutely reeks, not good if you keep your plants in the house
Haven't tried indoors, just the mini bogs outside.