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To my dismay

But it turns out Ive got a U. sandersonii infested with what I believe is U. subulata. That is the common yellow weed Utric I here everyone rant about Im assuming. So are there any suggestions as to how to rid my self of this pest? I really dont car for the flowers at all. Any input would be greatly appreaceated.
I tried freezing it solid, but that mainly just slows it down.

I would try just letting it go, but take a couple very small divisions, with just one or two leaves, of the sandersonii, and see if you can get one to take without it.
I have had this very problem. The only solution is to try to get as long a bit of stolon with leaves as possible, preferable a few, and retart the clone in fresh uninfected media.

On a hopeful note, my original infected pot hosts both species in harmony. In fact, the U. sandersonii seems to use the subulata as a preferred medium! I try to remove all the scapes of U. subulata, but some slip by from time to time. The simultaneous flowering of both species is really very pretty. I do however keep this pot totally isolated from my other CP species.

I have had quite a time with U. sandersonii. The original start that pyro sent was reduced to bits by the postal service, no part larger than 2 mm. It seemed remarkable that it would be possible to so pulverize anything so small into even smaller bits in a padded envelope, but such was the case. The ingenuity of those postal workers has to be respected. I now have 2 uncontaminated pots of U. sandersonii, but none show the steady and prolific flowering that the infected pot does.

Go figure.