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To cut, or not to cut

Okay, my ventricosa is now 6 inches tall. The Savage garden says I shouldn't take the top off of one stalk untill the plant has another stalk, but that seems weird because isn't cutting the stalk's tip off sapost to stimulate new stalks forming. This plant has only one stalk and it has not yet created the upper vine-like leaves and pitchers. I really want a bushy plant, not a vine dragging on the floor plant. Should I cut off the top 3 leaves or is it better to wait untill my plant bothers to make it's own new stalk. I can't afford budding hormon. Thanks
i have the same problem, stil thnking of what to do lol
Generally I do not prune plants until they are at least 18-24" tall. Unless I started the plant from a cutting off an already mature plant and the nodes are elongating and the plant is getting ugly. I wait because they may not have produced their mature pitcher sizes yet. Premature pruning may (or may not) prolong the juvenile stage of your plant. Since I want big pitchers of each specimen as soon as possible I leave them be until they reach the leaf and pitcher sizes listed in the books, or they stop making anything larger for a few leaves then I figure it should be OK to prune as they aren't going to be getting any larger.

That's just me though!
If I remember it right, the savage garden also mentioned something like when a hanging Nep plant started to drag towards the floor, it will encourage new basal shoots to develop. My venticosa is already 1 year old and it already produced one basal shoot. The funny thing here is that instead of me cutting the top of the plant, I remove the shoot and planted it in another pot. This is because, I dont want to interupt the development of the pitcher on the original stalk specially now that it started to produce the pitcher with the narrow waist. I was also thinking of cutting it but since I still enjoy the pitcher that it is producing now, I decided to delay it for a while. Who knows by the time that I decided to cut it, a new shoot have already developed.
hmmm, my ventricosa make weird pitchers. They don't look like the photos of most plants, but I'm not really sure what the actual adult pitchers are supost to look like. Mine are long and vase shaped right now. About 2-3 inches each.
It sounds like you probably still have juvenile pitchers.
Either it's still young or the plant may be growing in too low light levels. That can cause it to make juvenile (non-waisted/non-adult looking) pitchers even at an older age.
I just clipped what I think are several nepenthes alata. I noticed two basal growth points breaking the surface the other day. On another clipped plant I noticed new growth near the clipping. These are large mature plants. I'm sure the plants were growing better in part because I got rid of all the brown leaves and the small (it's relative in this case, they were in fairly large plastic hanging baskets) containers they were in. Furthermore, some of the vines were quite long. Now the old baskets contain cuttings.

It's like plant rescue around here. I guess these plants are such a low volume item, and so 'strange,' that most people don't mess with them.

I don't miss all those formerly flying queen fire ants I found in my new neps. That alone made all the peat moss worthwhile. You should see my ankles right now. Fire ants are, um, not good. I can't say anything else without cursing.

I don't know why more people in Florida don't grow neps as porch plants. They are beautiful for one thing. They eat bugs as a wonderful close second. We have the humidity. You just need to provide shade and protection from the occasional cold snap. And fight off the occasional giant grasshopper with long distance wasp spray and a two by four. I just learned that one about ten minutes ago. Yikes! Spiders in the house are one thing, I'll grab those with a paper towel. A five inch grasshopper is another.
on my bical and ampullaria, these awsome tiny spiders made a very cool looking web conecting the leaf to the pot, when i mist the plants it outlines the web, really cool
Tiny spiders I coexist with. The big garden (sometimes wolf) spiders that get in after the rain either go into the yard for the anoles to hunt or into a pitcher if it looks like the capture was too rough. Captures have been rough lately.

FWIW: newbie opinion.

Personally, I would wait on clipping a smaller plant. I have some smaller nepenthes from Exotic Gardens in the plastic terrariums. I'd be afraid that the smaller leaves would be very prone to wilting and that the cutting might not take. My young nepenthes are really starting to grow and harden right now. I don't want to upset a good thing.

Once they get older, under good conditions, they seem to grow like crazy.

OTOH, I've read on the internet in different places where some people claim that ALL their cuttings have worked, using some wildly different methods. Who knows?

Some of my cuttings are two weeks old, the half leaves look good, and the conditions have been near perfect but for a few hot afternoons. I'm not complaining, Texas residents especially (ouch). I even left some whole leaves on four or five node cuttings. Those get the shadiest spots. So far, so good.
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It turns out my "alata" are probably N. coccinea, N. ventrata, and N. 'Miranda.' (maxima x mixta) -- hope I got that right, it's in my only thread.  Pretty sure, but... too... lazy...

Just wanted to clear that up.

One of the Miranda has some easily photographable basal growth points.  These have come up since I made the cuttings.  This plant was only a bit viney. It apparently decided to grow sideways.  

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i gow all my neps and plants as porch plants, i am pissed off cus i just looked at one of my raffs and this one huge pitcher it had looked likre it was like half way chewed, im like what the heck

and to the fact that even a bigger pitcher was about to open


thats what i hate, they grow then the pitcher gets broken off