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Tissue Culture/Dormancy



Hi Folks,

I'm new to cps and have a few questions. I've been reading that vfts sold later in the year have probably come out of tissue culture not long ago, and probably won't require a dormancy this year.

Some of my plants were purchased in June and some just 2-3 weeks ago.

How do I tell which ones will need dormancy this year and which ones won't?


Welcome to the Forums Candleman
Many TC plants take about a year before they need a dormancy. If you notice the plants producing leaves that hug the ground or the traps look smaller and the plant grows slower, then it's going into dormancy.
Thank You, BCK.

One question I still have is: I recently bought a vft that produces the shorter, low leaves. I has plenty of new growth, but none of it is the higher "summer leaves". Could these be the "Spring leaves" indicating it just came out of tissue culture and is "thinking" that it is now "Spring"?

Thanks for Your Help!
Good question. I don't really know if it's that or if it's a type that doesn't grow (many) summer leaves. It could be either of those or neither.
As long as the plant is in good shape, I'd just watch it and in time maybe the answer will be revealed by the VFT. That or one of the others on the forum that has seen this before, can tell us both what's happening.
Thanks Again, BCK!

I was thinking it's a low grower, but the Tissue Culture/Dormancy/"Spring" thing had me wondering. I'll just wait a see if the growth slows down or speeds up.

Appreciate Your help!
If they came from here....

We are forever bringing plants out of culture. That will explain the 'spring leaves'.

We go through a lot of plants, it is very rare something will leave here with more erect leaves ( stems, traps, whatever you want to call it

So, in regards to dormancy and VFT's

The plants can skip a year of dormancy and not have a problem ( if they came from us
) I would ask whomever you bought the plants from to see what they have been doing to take care of the plants.

Regardless, you can skip a year on the plants, it will not hurt them. But I wouldn't do more than that. The plant will over time, start to weaken from not having a rest period and will suffer and possibly die.

If you also notice, we grow plants all year round, therefore, plants purchased in Winter can go the whole year growing!