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Tiny Annual D. anglica

Last year I raised up the pictured generation of a Drosera anglica complex cross which includes the small alpine var. pusilla and tropical Hawaiian. One plant began forming a flower after its eighth leaf. It put all its energy into making one flower, setting seed, and died. I am now raising up offspring of this cute smallest plant.

Below is a link to an article which tells more about D. anglica var. pusilla.
Drosera anglica var. pusilla/ D. kihlmanii alpXSuper 3.27.22.JPG
anglica AlpXSuper 8.29.23.jpg
I’ve got this one planted on yucky looking soil from a marsh in my neighborhood park, growing very well. It is now forming a flower stalk, with two flower buds. Good to have a fast maturing sundew to do experiments with. A sundew “Fast Plant”, as such experimentation plants are called.
Flowers on the eighth leaf is certainly unusual. Have all of the progeny been short-lived?
They differ. One of this generation was so small the flower aborted. The one pictured grew larger before beginning flower. I hope to keep it going after flowering.