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Time to put vft in frig ?




Last nov I got 3 red vfts they did great up intill june then every thing started going down hill traps started to get smaller and the plants look limp . Theres still growing new leaves but thats all they seem to be doing . The few traps dont shut any more and I never play with them to make them shut.  One of the VFTS have made a flower I would have cut it off but by the time I seen it the flower was already 7 inches tall.  

What im wondering is because I got them nov of 2002 and did not place them in the frig last year should I put them in right now before most people do or should I just wait
?? The plants dont look like there dieing just look weak.

When I first got them they were very strong and made really large traps . They grew super fast with the CO2 I am pumping into the tank . How can a plant go from super fast growth and really big traps to limp growth and small traps that dont shut
You hit the nail on the head..the plant wants dormancy. If you are going to give it a fridge dormancy, go ahead and do it now. If you are going to give it a natural dormancy, just cut back on the water you give it and the plant will take care of the rest on its own.

Good luck