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I have ordered three utricularia... Basically, I want to know if they are rare (suuuuperficial greg), and if there are any specific care instructions that are away from the norm... Thanks You guys... Hehehe...

Um, the ones I'm ordering are U. bisquamata, U. longifolia and U. biloba... I know longifolia needs slightly cooler temps, and biloba has blue flowers...

What shaped leaves do they have?

AAAaand. Last question. Which can take undrained containers, and which need drained?
Oh yea. Now last one, sorry... do any of them need a special mix, or is a peat/vermiculite thingy ok? I ran of of sand and perlite, but if its nescassary, I'll buy it...
Rare? bisquamata and longifolia - no, biloba - yeah sorta.

Conditions? bisquamata - peat, sand, water, it's not picky. Longifolia has just been covered. biloba will do well in peat/sand with enough water to keep the leaves below the surface. I haven't got it to flower, ask Richard about that.

Leaves? bisquamata, plain old utric leaves; longifolia long flat leaves to a few inches long by about .5 to 1 inch wide; biloba, fine, pinnately divided leaves.
Awsum, thanks. I'm also getting the little bunny rabbit sandersonii! Hehe....
OK, other than putting it in a drained pot, do u have any suggestions for sandersonii?

Thank you!
Not really. Just typical utric conditions.